Unde este Ezgi Asaroğlu?

Eu nu știu, dar Marijana Papic a aflat.





Nu, Marijana nu a fost până în California!


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Fotografii: Instagram

İyi tatiller, Ezgi Asaroğlu!

15 gânduri despre “Unde este Ezgi Asaroğlu?

  1. Delia

    Good job, she post and make live :))))
    Deci chiar e in state. Fara Keremcem. A câtă vacanta fara el? Încă mai cred fanele că sunt iubiți?:))))
    A făcut princess live la 5 dimineața pentru latinele ei dar a eșuat, nu se auzea oceanul;)))))


  2. Lili

    Felicitari Marijana, Congrats!
    I can’t tell after time zone and beach. If we watched on Baywatch, it was easy:)))

    Well, now maybe is clear that she have nothing to do with kermecem like lover.
    Couple is Burak and Fahriye or Dogulu and Neslihan or Asli and Boz or Ceren and her French who travel together and spending events together.

    Happy holiday Ezgi, and put pics form vacation, your fans deserve that!!!
    You exist thanks to America Latin!!!!


  3. Papic Marijana

    I’m not worried at all,I needed less then two minutes to recognize the place and I really,really don’t care what they think,they’re not important in my life,Vukica is person who said that her daughter and Ezgi are same to her,that talks much about her,so I really don’t care what she thinks.


  4. Aliona

    Marijana,don’t worry, smart people, recognise the places because we travel or we look on Americans movie not only on bahar and ates, and is enough to search on google one word.
    Ezgi post it on time zone, when in europe is night her pics was on day and otherwise. Like this morning, there is night.
    So, smart people and equilibrate see more then ezgi and keremcem lovely couple.

    Good for her, California is great, and she is happy like we all are when we travel.
    Enjoy your days Ezgi!

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  5. Anonim

    Ezgi, hermosa Princesa, te mereces una lindas vacaciones, disfruta mucho, descansa, pero te queremos ver pronto en un nuevo proyecto, aquí en Venezuela te amamos, estés de pareja con Keremcem si o no , eso no es problema, tu puedes tener la parejas que desees , tu belleza en única, y como actriz eres una de las mejores….. Un abrazo dulce mujer..!!!


  6. Flavia

    Foarte tare!!!
    Și e adevărat, campania aia chiar pe plajele din California este.
    Iar Ezgi a pus când era deja noapte, oceanul.
    Bravo Marijana!!!!
    Ezgi, enjoy your holiday! O merita, dincolo de antipatii, a avut un an greu, chiar daca nu solicitant , nu a fost ușor mental să stai intr un proiect urat.


  7. Papic Marijana

    👍👍👍He’s in Istanbul,she’s in California,people think that she’s in Bodrum,in Keremcem backyard.They are looking for details in every flower and every rock.But they’re not so good in their investigation.


  8. Anda

    Uuuuui, que panico!!!!!
    Go and look to the details and to her story on Instagram. There we can’t post only live and in Europe was night at that hour.
    And first pic posted by her was day and on our hour was 3 at night.

    But Marijana, you are good!!!


  9. Luiza

    Ezgi esta en SUA, California.
    No esta en jardin de la mama de Keremcem? Mmmm, que lastima.

    : )))) tare Marijana. Se sperie saraca cand vede.
    Vacanta frumoasa!


  10. Alexa

    Marijana, smart woman, a truly Colombo:))))

    Beautiful destination for a vacation, she will visit LA, Vegas, they nare close.
    Happy holiday Asaroglu!!!


  11. Ana

    Wow!! Da, acela e un program lansat pt plajele din California.
    Bravo Marijana.
    Vacanta plăcută Ezgi! Happy holiday!


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